Thursday, April 1, 2010

Childbirth is safer than Abortion

Abortion harms women by exposing them to a wide range of serious risks, both immediate and long-term. Abortion is not safer than childbirth.

Recent analyses of large medical databases that link to death certificates (“record linkage studies”) show that pregnancy-associated deaths are between two and four times higher for women who abort than for women who deliver.

Maternal mortality is lower in nations with pro-life laws restricting abortions. Countries with permissive abortion law have higher maternal death rates. Ireland, which has constitutional protection for the unborn, has the lowest maternal mortality rate in Europe.

In early 2010, a study in Chile shows that bans on abortion do not increase maternal deaths. Their research found that maternal mortality peaked in Chile in 1961, at a time when abortion was legal. Abortions caused 34 percent of maternal deaths that year. In contrast, in 2007, after Chile banned abortion, maternal mortality rates had been lowered 97.9 percent.

Greater access to abortion does not result in lower maternal mortality.

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CaliforniaCrusader said...

Thanks for the post. Hope all is well with you.

sternship said...

Something smells fishy with those stats........who is making them? The Chilean government for a law they just made? Hmm...didn't really expect them to come out with something that proved their law to be stupid though did we!!
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Yarleen said...

Every woman has a right to her own body. Pro-choice.

مُـنتظر المُـوسَـوي said...

I agree with you.

thanks a lot

XXXHartenvrouw said...

Am I glad I took an abortion, I don't have to go for a second one!

Just joking. Not.

You forget to tell about illegal abortions that cause much more damage.

You cannot stop that by forbidding abortions.

I've had one and I don't want children at all!! So what about me? Can I have one? What do you think? I really don't care.

Anonymous said...

"Maternal mortality is lower in nations with pro-life laws restricting abortions."

There has been extensive research (including my own) into the relationship between rates of maternal mortality and legal permissions for abortion. The above quoted text is the exact opposite of what the vast majority of literature on the subject concludes. I'm very skeptical about the information provided on Ireland and Chile, but encourage readers to compare these statistics with a global sample of countries.