Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Archbishop Hickey: The Pope has said nothing to change the official policy on the use of condoms in the matter of HIV.

When commenting on the news flurry that followed certain comments by Pope Benedict XVI in his latest book, Archbishop Hickey said....

“The Church’s business is to call people to conversion, not to minimise the immorality of certain acts. Only a change of behaviour to self-control, chastity, or fidelity to one married partner, will ensure that HIV is not transmitted. This is what the Church has to offer in the fight against AIDS. This is what the Pope has advocated and it is what the promoters of condoms should also be doing. Instead, they seem intent on doing everything possible to encourage sexual freedom and are very reluctant to promote the obvious human solution of self-control” he said.

He went on to say that...

"The reasons why condoms might make AIDS transmission worse are:
- They give a false sense of security to those engaged in sexual acts because condoms have a high failure rate.
- Continued use over even a short time will guarantee the transmission of HIV or any other sexually transmitted disease.
- Condoms do not encourage a change of behaviour, and only a change of behaviour in terms of self-control, chastity or fidelity to one married partner will ensure that HIV is not transmitted."

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